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Keep Swining Stix provides the highest quality wooden bats to players of all ages, from the youth ranks through the professional levels. Our strategically sourced wood from the Upper Northeast Region of the United States allows for some of the strongest, hardest, and longest lasting bats in the industry.

Our Models

Our Unique models are designed to fit the demands of players in an ever-changing game. Whether you are a power hitter in the clean-up spot, or a lead-off hitter, Keep Swinging Stix has a model to meet your demands.

Keep Swinging Stix has a very simple philosophy when it comes to our bat models. We ask the players what they want. We combine that with our personal knowledge achieved through 45 years’ experience in professional baseball, and then we go to work. We design, program, and produce the highest quality wood bats possible. Our industry network is second to none. Keep Swinging Stix uses only the best brokers and mills in the country to source our materials. Our design and finishing processes are changing the way players are thinking of their wood bats. They are no longer looking thinking of their wood bats as commodity type equipment. Instead players are using Keep Swinging Stix bats all year round. The durability of our bats, the visual appearance of our unique finishes, and the detail, design, and creativity in our programs, make KS2 bats some of the best to hit the market in years!

Once we have decided on a model we want to create, we take it one step further than our competition. We create a model that meets the demand of each spot in the lineup. What you are left with is a power hitters’ version of each model, and a contact hitters model of that bat as well. Our models can supply each player with a bat that meets their specific requirements.


Model KS 34
This model is made with the entire lineup in mind. With its flared handle, mid-sized neck, and robust barrel, the KS34 Is truly a model for all players. The sleek design and incredible balance allows for players of all levels to produce a hard, explosive swing while maintaining the integrity of their mechanics. The KS34 has proven successful for all spots in the lineup. Leadoff hitters benefit greatly from the incredible design and attention to balance throughout the bat. Power hitters also experience the benefits of the large barrel that produces very explosive contact.


Lengths – Pro: 32, 33, 34 Youth: 28, 29, 30, 31

Model KS 1221
A contact hitters dream bat. This model has a thin handle, thinner neck, and long barrel, allowing for maximum bat speed, larger than normal sweet spot, and great durability. Don’t allow the thinner appearance of this bat to fool you. The durability of the 1221 is as good as bats traditionally made in thicker increments. The balance, slightly end loaded bat creates a wonderful swing for top and bottom of the lineup hitters, or hitters that just enjoy a thinner handle, with a slightly end loaded barrel. Top and bottom of the lineup bat.


Lengths – Pro: 32, 33, 34 Youth: 28, 29, 30, 31

Model KS 1225
This is the power hitters’ version of the 1221. Larger flared barrel, increased neck size, and amazing weight to length ratio create maximum bat speed, and powerful results. The strength achieved in the middle of this bat has made it one of the most durable power hitters bats to hit the amateur market in years. Power and durability are achieved through design on this power, and the balance makes the 1225 a hitters’ dream. As we say at Keep swinging Stix, the 1225 creates Christmas any day of the year for the power hitter in your lineup. Middle of the lineup bat.


Lengths – Pro: 32, 33, 34

Model KS 414
This model is designed with speed, power and durability in mind. Thin handle, balanced neck, and long, robust barrel allows for maximum plate coverage, Increased bat speed, and incredible pop through a very large sweet spot. The end loaded design creates massive bat speed while still having all the power and durability players are looking for. This bat was specifically designed for a major-league baseball player, to meet his size weight ratios, and endure the rigorous demands a professional hitter puts on his equipment.


Lengths – Pro: 30.5, 31.5, 32.5, 33.5

Model KS 440
This model takes the best of the 414, and turns it into a power hitters bat. The strength, balance, and pop, make this bat the choice of power hitters. Thicker neck, balanced weight distribution, and abnormally large sweet spot allow for maximum bats speed while protecting swing mechanics. The 440 is a larger bat not designed for all players. Don’t let the size of this bat fool you though. This bat was also designed to have a incredibly easy transfer through the zone. While it may take a stronger player to use this bat, once the swig starts, the balance of this design takes over and come through the zone smoothly and accurately with a force designed to drive the ball OVER FENCES !!!!!! This model is quickly moving up the charts one of our most popular models for the high school power hitters.

Lengths – Pro: 30.5, 31.5, 32.5, 33.5

Model KS 604

With a thin grip, mid-sized neck, and large barrel, this bat combines the strengths of our other models and has quickly become a favorite among players at all levels. The overall balance and weight distribution allows for enhanced bat speed and improved production at the plate.




Lengths – Pro: 32, 33, 33.5, 34 Youth: 28, 29, 30, 30.5, 31


Model KS 885

Perfectly balanced bat with an even distribution of power in the barrel. Slightly flared handle allows for relaxed grip and easy flow throughout the entire swing.




Lengths – Pro: 32, 33, 34  Youth: 30, 31


KS Training Bat (One or Two Handed)

A training tool that should be in every dedicated hitter’s bag.  Develop hand strength, bat control, and swing bath with this evenly weighted, balanced bat that could be used as a two-handed training tool, or a one-handed tool for the advanced player.




Length – 22 inches


KS Coach Fungo Bat

A fungo bat built to last – made with some of the strongest professional grade wood in the market, our 35 inch coach fungo bat helps coaches from the youth through professional levels “keep swinging” well after their playing days have stopped!




Length – 35 Inches



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